The map below colour codes countries of the world according to a risk score determined by heuristic analysis of travel advisory information according to the UK Foreign Office.


Last updated: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 11:07:21 GMT
Country Risk
Albania High
Andorra Moderate
Austria Moderate
Belarus Low
Belgium High
Bosnia and Herzegovina High
Bulgaria Moderate
Croatia Moderate
Czechia Low
Denmark Moderate
Estonia Moderate
Country Risk
Finland Moderate
France Very High
Germany Very High
Gibraltar Moderate
Greece Moderate
Hungary Low
Iceland Moderate
Ireland Moderate
Italy Moderate
Latvia Moderate
Liechtenstein Low
Country Risk
Lithuania Moderate
Luxembourg Low
Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) High
Malta Low
Moldova (Republic of) Low
Monaco Moderate
Montenegro Moderate
Netherlands High
Norway Moderate
Poland Moderate
Portugal Moderate
Country Risk
Romania Moderate
Russian Federation Very High
San Marino Low
Serbia Moderate
Slovakia Low
Slovenia Low
Spain High
Sweden Low
Switzerland Moderate
Ukraine Moderate